assigning homework

As an educator, I am well-versed in the art of assigning homework.

As a lifelong student, lover of learning, and earner of several degrees, I have done more than my share of it.

That’s why, in my personal life and at work, I have to assign myself homework if I want to get a project done! Otherwise I will spend all my time watching Patrick and Gina Neely flirt like high-schoolers in the cafeteria and finding random unnecessary things on Pinterest. So to avoid that fate I am creating a syllabus for myself.

Week of November 14:

Create blog site, email address, and twitter account. Check.

Learn how to use blog site. Check … kind of.

Purchase a photo editing product. Downloaded a trial, so check.

Start seriously scouting photo locations. Only in my head so far.

Week of November 21:

Begin taking photos.

Begin playing with photo editing product.

Sign up for December Photo Project!

Week of November 28:

Define goals and vision.

Take more photos.


Post a set of juxtaposition photos every day of the month.

After December:

Continue the project.

Seek input from others.


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