December Photo Project!

It’s time!

Time to post every day, time to freeze my toes while taking pictures, time to see the artwork of others, time to get in the holiday spirit! This is my third year participating in the December Photo Project. Click the badge to see how the project works and who else is participating.

This year, Rebecca is encouraging us to try out “the idea of tailoring the DPP to either represent you personally or give you a challenge on top of my challenge”. Seeing as it’s a kickoff to the my entire Juxtapose Omaha project, I would say I am definitely embracing the challenge aspect of the whole thing.

I am also really liking the concept behind Radvent, but I’m not quite sure I can figure out how to fit that in with my double DPP challenge … so that one might have to be a personal challenge. Who ever said January is the month for new beginnings? I feel like December might be the one for me.

Speaking of which, as I begin my Juxtapose Omaha project I am struggling with some of the details. Should I write a post with each set of photos? Do I share my thoughts on the comparisons and contracts I see? Or let the viewers draw their own conclusions? How do I approach people / places of business and take their photographs? What is “being a photographer” and what is “being a creeper”? Will the images in my head match the images I find around me? I guess it’s all a learning curve. I can’t even decide if the captions should go above or below each photograph so clearly I better just pick something and start posting. Your input and constructive criticism is appreciated!

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One thought on “December Photo Project!

  1. Kristin says:

    Lots of choices!!! I guess it’s all part of the creative process.

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