December 25: A Time for Burning

Today is the final day of the December Photo Project. As always, I’ve enjoyed peeking into the lives of everyone doing the project. I love the holiday details, the artistic shots, and the everyday.

This year, the DPP has inspired me to bring to life the images that run through my head each day. I’ll continue taking photographs and putting them together in an effort to make you think.

Today’s post is special to me because these two buildings were already paired together by history. In the 1960s, an East-coast pastor came to Omaha and tried to encourage his new congregation to reach out to other Lutherans across the city. The award-winning documentary film, A Time for Burning (1966),  chronicled the story from many angles. Click the film link for some details and mentions of Omahans who are still making history here today.

Augustana Lutheran Church, 3647 Lafayette Ave., Omaha


Luther Memorial Lutheran Church, 1031 Sunset Tr. (near 60th and Western), Omaha

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One thought on “December 25: A Time for Burning

  1. cheryl says:

    Boo. December isn’t over yet!

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