December 13: Commuting

Car, Dodge St., Omaha

Truck, Maple St., Omaha

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December 12: Dig a Little Deeper

I figure it’s time I write something to go with the photographs. I have been trying to edit myself so that you can make your own decision about what each post is saying. But I wanted to take a minute today to challenge you to dig a little deeper into your noggin.

It’s easy to look at the photographs I publish and say to yourself, “Okay, we’ve got a newish looking building and an oldish looking building. Got it.” But what if you took it a bit further and wondered:

  • “Why are these particular images next to one another?”
  • “How would they be perceived on their own?”  (Side note: I just had to type perceive 4x before I spelled it right.)
  • “Who lives / works / shops there?”
  • “Do they have life experiences similar to mine?”
  • “Did I learn anything about Omaha?”
  • “Did I learn anything about my presuppositions?”
  • “Did I find out something new or think about something in a different way?”
  • “How might my mom / sister / neighbor / friend / cat perceive the post differently?”

For today’s post, I thought we could play a little game. I challenge you to guess where in Omaha each photograph was taken, before you read the caption. To help you out a little I’ll hide the captions at the bottom of the post.

Full disclosure, some of my recent photographs are pretty poor quality. I’ll blame it on the fact that I’m learning how to use my DSLR while at the same time struggling to get out the door of work before I lose all the natural light. Hopefully the meaning is intact even if the visual isn’t pretty!

The first week and a half of the project has been fun for me — I’ve enjoyed your comments and welcome more!

— j.o.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Have you made your guesses?

Caption for Photo #1: Private Home, North Omaha (just off 30th and Lake Streets)

Caption for Photo #2: Private Home, West Omaha (just off 132nd and Maple Streets)

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December 11: Pharmacy

Kohll’s Pharmacy and Homecare (also known as Cris Rexall), 50th and Dodge St., Omaha

CVS Pharmacy, 49th and Dodge St., Omaha

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December 10: Beautify

L’Amour Nails & Spa, 629 N. 98th St., Omaha

Devenu Rejuvenation Center and Medical Spa, 9802 Nicholas St., Omaha

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December 9: Amateur v. Professional

Shoes at League Bowling, Mockingbird Lanes, Omaha

Shoes at Cosmic Bowling, Madsen’s, Lincoln

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December 8: Toy Story

Family Dollar, 4412 Dodge St., Omaha

Learning HQ, 2283 S. 67th St., Omaha

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December 7: Let Your Light Shine

Streetlight, L St. Marketplace, Omaha

Streetlight, Aksarben Village, Omaha

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December 6: Small Business

Piper, 10319 Pacific St., Omaha


Gen-X Clothing, 320 N. 76th St., Omaha

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December 5: Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise over Northeast Omaha

Sunset over West Omaha

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December 4: Merry Christmas

Blowup Snowman, around 96th and L St, Omaha


Cutout Elves and Penguins, East Dundee, Omaha

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