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December 14: Twinkle Lights

Twinkle Lights at a little park on 24th and Lake, North Omaha

Twinkle Lights at 50th and Underwood, Dundee, Omaha

I love it when the neighborhood organizations decorate. It means I don’t have to! I’m feeling particularly grateful about things at this moment. I love the holiday lights and surprise beauty throughout the city. I love the extra excuses to hang out with friends and family. And, maybe it’s just the Winter Break looming, but even through my exhaustion I really loved my job today. I got to help a kid with one of the hardest things he’ll ever deal with AND I got to watch two students have a dance battle a la the Michael Jackson experience AND I got to listen to a beautiful group of kids make music AND I got to pick up crushed tator tots off the cafeteria floor. What an incredible privilege we educators have. (Maybe not so much about the tator tots, but the rest of it for sure.)

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