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January 1: Vacancy

Saddle Creek Rd., just North of Dodge, Omaha

30th St., just South of Sorensen Pkwy., Omaha

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December 22: Street Art

Painting on a Building, 24th and Lake St., Omaha


Paint on a Building, about 19th and Leavenworth St., Omaha


Bonus points if you can translate what the 2nd picture says.

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December 14: Twinkle Lights

Twinkle Lights at a little park on 24th and Lake, North Omaha

Twinkle Lights at 50th and Underwood, Dundee, Omaha

I love it when the neighborhood organizations decorate. It means I don’t have to! I’m feeling particularly grateful about things at this moment. I love the holiday lights and surprise beauty throughout the city. I love the extra excuses to hang out with friends and family. And, maybe it’s just the Winter Break looming, but even through my exhaustion I really loved my job today. I got to help a kid with one of the hardest things he’ll ever deal with AND I got to watch two students have a dance battle a la the Michael Jackson experience AND I got to listen to a beautiful group of kids make music AND I got to pick up crushed tator tots off the cafeteria floor. What an incredible privilege we educators have. (Maybe not so much about the tator tots, but the rest of it for sure.)

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December 12: Dig a Little Deeper

I figure it’s time I write something to go with the photographs. I have been trying to edit myself so that you can make your own decision about what each post is saying. But I wanted to take a minute today to challenge you to dig a little deeper into your noggin.

It’s easy to look at the photographs I publish and say to yourself, “Okay, we’ve got a newish looking building and an oldish looking building. Got it.” But what if you took it a bit further and wondered:

  • “Why are these particular images next to one another?”
  • “How would they be perceived on their own?”  (Side note: I just had to type perceive 4x before I spelled it right.)
  • “Who lives / works / shops there?”
  • “Do they have life experiences similar to mine?”
  • “Did I learn anything about Omaha?”
  • “Did I learn anything about my presuppositions?”
  • “Did I find out something new or think about something in a different way?”
  • “How might my mom / sister / neighbor / friend / cat perceive the post differently?”

For today’s post, I thought we could play a little game. I challenge you to guess where in Omaha each photograph was taken, before you read the caption. To help you out a little I’ll hide the captions at the bottom of the post.

Full disclosure, some of my recent photographs are pretty poor quality. I’ll blame it on the fact that I’m learning how to use my DSLR while at the same time struggling to get out the door of work before I lose all the natural light. Hopefully the meaning is intact even if the visual isn’t pretty!

The first week and a half of the project has been fun for me — I’ve enjoyed your comments and welcome more!

— j.o.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Have you made your guesses?

Caption for Photo #1: Private Home, North Omaha (just off 30th and Lake Streets)

Caption for Photo #2: Private Home, West Omaha (just off 132nd and Maple Streets)

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December 5: Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise over Northeast Omaha

Sunset over West Omaha

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December 2: Aldi + Trader Joe’s. Discuss.

Aldi, 4801 N. 30th St., Omaha

Trader Joe’s, 10305 Pacific St., Omaha

Dear Readers,

Once upon a time I heard that Aldi and Trader Joe’s were owned by the same parent company. True or false? I’m dying to know! Please share your input!

– J.

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